I’m clearly not the driver. Why can’t I fight this myself?

by jeremy on April 2, 2012

Well, of course you can do that. But beware, you will be required to come to court twice, and expect to spend at least an hour, and sometimes two or three, waiting for your case to be called. You will also normally be required to post bail – you have to pay for the ticket up front if you want to set a trial date.

At the trial itself, the judge, a police officer, or the city attorney may ask you the identity of the driver. You have a right not to answer, but that is often easier said than done. Obviously you don’t want the case simply to be amended and re-filed against your friend or family member.

But there is an easy solution. Call me! I can go to court for you so you will not have to take time off work, school, or anything else in your life. Because I am an attorney, you will not be required to post that $480+ bail. And of course I won’t tell anyone the true identity of the driver. (In fact I cannot: that information is subject to attorney/client confidentiality.) The burden of proof lies with the prosecution. We do not have to offer any information (though sometimes that can be advantageous, for example, if you have three daughters who look similar and it could be any one of the three).

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