How Do Red Light Cameras Work?

How do Red Light Cameras Work in Orange and Los Angeles Counties?

Red light cameras are automatically triggered by sensors in the roadway which trigger one or more cameras and flash strobes to photograph vehicles whose drivers run red lights. The cameras are designed to get front and rear photos of the car and its license plate as well as the car’s driver. The cameras are inter-connected to the traffic both the signal-controller and to special red light camera sensors in the roadway that monitor traffic flow just prior to the stop line or a crosswalk. The red light cameras’ computer continuously monitors the traffic signal, and will trigger a series of digital photos anytime the computer determines a vehicle has failed to stop during the red phase of that directions traffic flow. Some red light cameras are programmed with varying “grace periods” from 1/4-second to 1/2-second after the traffic light switches to red. Many do not.

How Do Red Light Cameras Work in Orange County, CA?

At most Orange County and Los Angeles intersections where red light cameras are installed, the cameras themselves are permanently mounted on galvanized steel poles carefully-positioned at the corners of the intersection and often-times also in the center median strips for a separate left-turn violation sub-system. The red light cameras are positioned to get clear shots of the front and read views of a vehicle to capture its license place, as well as the face of the driver.

Orange County CA Red Light Cameras are State of the Art

Red light camera ticket systems here in Orange County and Los Angeles County are the same cameras that are installed nationwide. Generally speaking, private companies engineer and install these costly systems on a contractual basis with local cities and counties in a revenue-sharing system that many critics claim is a big scam to fleece citizens and has little to do with “public safety.”

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How do Red Light Cameras Know a Vehicle Runs a Red Light

In almost every red light camera system installation there will be road sensors buried in two locations for the purpose of detecting when a car or other vehicle has moved past a pre-determined point in the road.  These sensors are connected to a computer that is, in turn, connected to the intersection traffic signal control processor (a computer itself). If there is significant movement (i.e. sufficient speed, not just creeping) at the time the traffic lights for that direction of travel are red, the computer will trigger the camera and flash-strobes to capture 2 to 3 images depending on the system. The newer systems operate like a DVR on your TV, where they will grab the #1 image/video-clip (typically the last 4-6 seconds before the trigger), followed by #2 image that is timed to get a clear shot of the rear license plate and the red condition of the signal, followed by #3 image (the far distant camera) that attempts to get the front license plate and an image of the vehicle’s driver and the red light above the vehicle.

How Do Red Light Cameras Work ? Where are the Sensors that trigger the cameras?

In some states, red light camera tickets only require one clear photograph the rear of the vehicle; other states, including California, require an image showing the actual driver of the vehicle so that the actual driver will be looked to as the responsible party for paying the ticket and accumulating the infraction points against their license. In these cases where you are not the driver of the car, but the registered owner to which the red light camera ticked is mailed, you will be threatened and intimidated into turning in the driver which who is pictured driving your vehicle. We strongly suggest you refrain from ratting out your friend or family member!

Don’t Rat Out Your Friend or Family Member!

The 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution affords you the absolute right to remain silent – that means you DO NOT have to fill out that nomination form telling the police who was driving your car. You have no obligation to assist law enforcement. If you are feeling nervous about these strong arm tactics, contact a red light camera ticket defense lawyer.

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