Oops! I just found this great advice but I already nominated someone else as the driver. What is going to happen now?

by jeremy on April 4, 2012

Well, shoot, I wish you had found my website sooner. But that’s OK, water under the bridge. We can still fight the ticket and win. In fact, often the case is easier to fight when the ticket has been amended. Sure, you might have nominated your brother, but maybe the picture is blurry, and the driver is wearing sunglasses, so maybe it’s actually your brother’s friend. How can you be sure? The fact the driver is not the registered owner of the vehicle helps lessen the presumption that the driver is the person identified. Different last names? Different addresses? All that stuff can help. In fact, many cities give out so many of these tickets that they simply aren’t prepared at trial with the details of the amended ticket. They often don’t even know if the owner of the vehicle nominated the driver or the police themselves found the driver by taking a guess based on DMV photos.

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